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Our responsibility and vision as veterinarians is to become leaders in genetic testing, making it more affordable and more accessible. The beneficiaries of this strategy are going to be healthy animals, clear of genetic disease

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Affordable Genetic Screening For Animals

With our new microarray (chip) technology, it is now possible to research and test for a wide range of diseases and traits on a single chip. This accurate platform also significantly reduces cost. Learn more about our attractive pricing structure

DNA Fee Schedules

Accredited Collection Agents in Australia and New Zealand

Expert Genetic Counsultants

Customers and their veterinarians have access to our qualified scientific staff, pathologists and genetic counselors. Our customer service representatives and genetic counselors will, of course, answer any pre-purchase questions. Our genetic counselors are also available for 101 genetics and development of strategic breeding programs.
Secure DNA Storage

Once we receive your swab samples, the confidentiality of your DNA is protected and stored for future reference.

Strong Science

ASAP Laboratory operates a recognised pathology testing facility in Melbourne Australia. Our world-renowned Pathology team stay at the forefront of veterinary medicine and are dedicated to animal research. We operate the latest genetic testing platforms. More about ASAP Lab
Quality Guarantee

Please note that all DNA tests are only recognized or accepted if they have been published, patented or peer reviewed. Tests that do not fit these criteria are not offered on our list.